Get the best out of your Good Avo

Get creamy avos whenever you want

You can satisfy your avo craving every day of the week, hey you can even eat them every day, with a box of Good Avos.

One to five days

We send you avocados that are almost ready to eat, so you can ripen them at home & eat them whenever they’re ready. If you want, you can speed up this ripening process by putting them in the ripening bag we sent you, adding a banana or apple to the bag too.

A week to 2 weeks

Unripe avos that you want to store for longer periods of time can be kept in the fridge for 2 weeks before the ripening process starts.

Any ripe avos that you don’t want to eat right away can be stored in the fridge for a week.

How to stagger the ripening process


Speed it up

We know that avocado lovers sometimes need to tweak the natural process, just a little bit, to satisfy their craving. Good on you, we say. There are lot of different ways to speed up the ripening process, it just depends on how soon you want to eat them:

High speed

Put your avos, a banana or an apple in the Ripening Bag that came with the box we sent you.

Medium speed

Simply put your Good Avos in the ripening bag we sent you.

Low speed

Place your avos in your fruit bowl, but just make sure it’s out of direct sunlight.

Slow it down

Ahh, we understand. You want to stash away your avos for a rainy day, don’t you? So here’s how. Just put your avos in the fridge. It’s that simple. This can either be used for unripe avos or ripe avos that you’re not ready to eat just yet.

Staggering your ripe avos

So you’re one of those avo lovers who want ripe avo every day of the week? We’re in the same boat then aren’t we. To help you achieve a constant supply of ripe avos, place an unripe avocado in the fridge. They should hold their shape for approximately three weeks. This way, you can gradually remove and ripen individual avos as and when you feel the urge.

Storage tips for an avo lover


If you’re like us, you’ll want to stash a few avos away for good measure. To do this, simply put an unripe one in the fridge. They should hold their shape for around 3 weeks.


Although our Hass avocados like a bit of sun, especially when they’re growing, once they’ve been picked the sun is not really their best friend. So, when you want to ripen an avo to eat, place it somewhere away from direct sunlight. Ahh, that’s better.

Storing half an avo

Some people only want to eat half an avocado. We still can’t seem to get our head around this one, but either way, here’s some quick tips. A super easy way to do this, is just to submerge your avo in water. Another method is cutting open the avo, removing the the pit, coating the flesh with fresh lemon juice, then wrapping it and placing it in the fridge. This will keep the fruit from turning brown for about 2 days.

Seasons bring change

Like any beautiful fruit or vegetable, our Good Avos are affected by Mother Nature’s seasons. The Hass avocado season runs from the end of July to February, and over this time, their natural ripening process changes.

Start of the season*

Avos take a little longer (around 2 weeks) to naturally ripen in your fruit bowl, than fruit picked later in the season. But of course if you really, really need to, you can speed up this natural process. We understand.

Mid to late season*

During this time, these guys can naturally ripen pretty quickly (less than a week). Here, here!

How to tell if your avo is ripe

Like any avocado aficionado, you want to make sure that before you chomp on down you have the the ‘perfect ripeness’. An avo that has lovely dark coloured skin and a stem that has some give when gentle pressure is applied, will tell you you’ve hit the nail on the head. For that soft, smooth kinda ripeness, leave your avo just that little bit longer and when it’s skin is a tad darker, you’ll be all over ‘soft ripe’.

Not Ripe

Firm Ripe

Soft Ripe

Not Ripe

Firm Ripe

Soft Ripe

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